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  • Unique new year gift ideas


    New year gift

    The year is coming to an end and the clock is ticking towards the horizon of the new year 2020. This is the perfect time to start your search for the best website with a wide collection of new year gifts for 2020. Lovenwishes understand your needs for the online new year gifts ideas and so present amazing and impressive gifts before you.

     Welcome the new year by exchanging new year gifts with your loved ones and forget all the bad memories and negativity only from The New Year is a big celebration, so took out some time from your busy schedule and wish them with some new year gifts with whom you have been disconnected from a very long distance. makes it’s easy for you to connect and wish your friends, family and close ones with their online services. 

    Go through our gallery and buy some mostly visited and popular gifts for the new year only on Along with that, you can also have an opportunity of celebrating and welcoming the new year if you are not present in the country, as Lovenwishes helps to send your selected gifts to your near ones. 

    Make feel special to your loved ones and treat them with unique gifts. is one of the best and fastest shopping portals in India to deliver new year gifts to your friends, family and loved ones. You can order and shop for customized gifts and cakes for the new year according to the taste of the receiver.  To make your new year more joyful and happy, provides personalized gifts, combos, photo cakes, etc. 

    Lovenwishes is India’s most affordable online portal which offers fast delivery of your new year gifts to make your and your loved one's new year memorable. Make the best use of our services by ordering and sending new year gifts.

     Personalized Gifts

    To make someone’s special place in their heart, personalized gifts have a major role. Personalized gifts play an important role in connecting two hearts which can be given on any occasion or sometimes don't even need any occasion. So, fill the coming new year with joy and happiness by gifting personalized gifts to your friends, family, close and loved ones. offers you a great range of deals on personalized gifts and offers you a variety of gift items. Some of them are special theme cards, personalized names or photos, useful notebooks, key chains and many more. 

    So this new year, spread more happiness by with little effort to buy new year gifts online from We have a unique and wide variety of gifts to offer you. We assure you to help you with the best and amazing new year gift and fast delivery. 

    Other variety of New Year Gifts 

    There are other varieties of new year gifts like colorful home decor items that are useful for the receiver in many ways. Make your New Year’s Eve beautiful and amazing by shopping from and share the love and happiness. 

  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

    Gifts for her

    Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. The pleasure that a person gets from being loved is incomparable to the pleasure of anything. That’s why the celebration of love is observed all over the world in the name of Valentines’ day. The day is observed as the day if love for ages. On this special day two persons who are in love with each other share their wholehearted feelings. Hence, if you want to make the moment of your togetherness unforgettable, the best thing you can do is to send Valentine's Day gifts for Her.

    There would be hard to find a single person who does not like receiving gifts. Beyond its materialistic value, a gift becomes something of more significance when you receive it from someone special. A gift is the sign of love that always makes a person feel special. So it goes without saying that the celebration of your valentines’ day will remain incomplete without a perfect gift. That’s why it is quite important to choose a perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Her that will be able to double up her joy to be with you.

    Choosing a gift for your beloved, especially for the purpose of Valentines’ day is not an easy one. Choosing a right gift that would make her feel special as well as bring a smile to her face becomes a matter of challenge to most of the guys. That’s why a man has to be very particular while choosing Valentine's Day gifts for Her. An online shopping can help you to accomplish your task in a better way as here you get to choose the best thing for your beloved that will surely please her in the easiest way.

    The choices of gifts are numerous when you need to choose one for the purpose of Valentines’ day. The things that are commonly chosen as the gifts of valentines’ day are cakes, flowers, dresses etc. Along with all these, some other chose soft toys and jewelry also. It is quite important that whenever you chose something for the person of your love, you must keep in mind her choice, for example, if you are buying a cake always go for the favorite flavor of her or else while buying a dress you must know about her choice of color. If you manage to look at every minute detail while buying a gift for her, you can be sure to choose the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for Her.

    One of the most beneficial factors in doing an online shopping is that here you get the chance to choose the perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Her within your budget. The huge range of products is available at different prices. You can feel free to choose anything within being in your budget. All you need to do is to choose the right thing to please her and order it and your order will be delivered to the right person even in your absence.

  • Shower your Father with special gifts, for this bond is Special

    Some bonds are special in a way that they are less on words and more on emotions. One such bond is between father and children. They hardly get to say much to each other even when they see each other every day, but, the bond is as strong. Such bonds where words cannot find a way, gifts can definitely play a part especially when the children are living in different countries. With father’s day gifts to India, one can gift wrap those words that will be delivered all the way to him in time.

    Anything from cakes to dry fruit hampers could become the messenger and is easy to make a lovely gift out of them.

    Till the time one person does not go home, these gifts keep them around for parents also miss being around the kids. Gifts are necessary as most of the time it is these boxes that deliver the attachment and understanding to the loved ones.


    Gifts for father’s day delivers unexpressed words

    Days have gone busier and after coming back home, all one wants to do is unwind. But, where do parents go in all these hours? Once, they were the most important part of our lives and our days revolved around their schedule. Now, we are not able to give few minutes from our days. It is understood, that priorities change as we are exposed to the different lifestyle but, we surely can bring out some minutes to let our fathers know they are still an eminent part of our life. Gifts that can be easily ordered online can be a great idea.

    Send father’s day gifts to India with lovely hampers that he can include in his schedule. Best gifts have been sorted online to ease up the burden of finding that perfect gift. Most of us, do not sit with our dads to have a heart to heart conversation but, that does not mean the emotional bond is missing. Fathers have a different role to play and they miss out on the words to convey their love for the children. So, let us take it upon ourselves and tell him that he has got a special place that is not going anywhere.


    Let the emotions flow through special gifts for father’s day

    For every small issue and the big ones too, most of us have got our fathers on speed dial. He is the one person who will always be around even when he does not show with fathers day gifts there comes a chance to deliver the emotions once in a while.

    This is the best way when words cannot find a way, he is equally willing to listen to his kids every day and these words could be the best way. Choose from the flavors and pack a lovely dry fruit hamper to extend the lovely wishes to him. The online gifts delivery services do a great job in sending this love across.


  • Right Rakhi Gifts at the Right Moment for Your Sister

    Raksha bandhan

    The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is a day to commend the consecrated connection between a sister and a brother. This connection is among the best and unadulterated connection on this earth. It includes not on tying Rakhi string on the brother's wrist yet additionally to demonstrate their fondness for each other. This celebration additionally includes introducing Rakhi gifts to kin. The pattern of giving appealing gifts on this celebration is a well-established tradition.

    For all brothers of this world, their sisters are blessed messengers sent by almighty God will's identity with him for the duration of his life. This delightful connection of a brother and a sister devises methods for improving the world a place to live and appreciate the life. Since the periods of life continues changing however one thing that remaining parts the same is the unrestricted sacrosanct love between a brother and a sister. On this propitious day of Rakhi celebration, brothers promise to secure and respect their sisters under any conditions.

    Rakhi Gift Ideas for Brothers:

    Sisters dependably supplicate that their brothers lead a cheerful and serene life. Exhibiting him an extraordinary gift pack which he can appreciate all his life is, almost certainly, an accomplishment that he would savor upon the arrival of Raksha Bandhan. These wonderful and unique Rakhi gifts are expressive to the point that they obviously pass on those messages which words neglect to express. The absolute most popular gift thoughts for your brothers are examined beneath.

    Attire for Brothers:

    Rakhi celebration isn't conceivable to contend without trade the gifts amongst brothers and sisters. Sisters can show popular clothes like Shirts, T-shirts, Denim pants, and so on to make an extraordinary holding between among kin. Appreciate this exceptional event with your dearest brother by tying Rakhi string on the wrist of your brother and afterward exhibit him the best attire set that will improve his general identity.

    Wrist trinkets and Wrist Watches:

    Producers are designing restrictive wrist watches and arm ornaments particularly for this event. These gift things are supplanting traditional type of Rakhi. The possibility of a Rakhi wrist trinket or a wrist watches fill in as a stunning Rakhi gifts for brothers.

    Trendiest Gadgets:

    For a device darling brother who wishes to be in contact with the most recent technology, sisters have numerous choices to gift them on the event of Rakhi celebration. Trendiest contraptions are the most requesting gift things for brothers on Rakhi. One can choose these awesome bits of electronic contraptions according to their financial plan and taste. Sisters have various of decision to display that incorporates howdy tech cell phones, CDs and CD player, I-units, cameras, electronic shavers and some more. These devices are getting in vogue, stylish and popular among all age gatherings.

    Scents and Body Sprays:

    Being a basic piece of life, fragrances and body splashes are best accomplice to uncover the identity of the wearer. These fragrant scents and showers stuffed with a favor Rakhi with it are certain to influence your brother to feel more uncommon.

  • Unconventional Birthday Gifts for Him

    Birthdays are special for everyone. It marks the day when you were born. Everyone deserves a warm hug, celebration, and love in the form of gifts. If it is the birthday month of your husband, brother, boyfriend or any male who holds an importance in your life, start preparing in getting the best yet unconventional gifts that will leave him speechless. It is his birthday and you can’t keep calm. Why not show your feelings for the special man in your life? To know about the gifts that you can wrap for the man, read on.

    Shaving Kit

    Just the way women and cosmetics are inter-related; men and shaving kit are related too. Although most men are into growing beard these days, if the man whose birthday is just a few days later loves to stay clean shaved every day, shaving kit will be the best one. Include everything essential for the person; from shaving foam to brush to razor to moisturizer to many other things that you think are important.


    Does he love to smell good; no matter what, you should not miss this gift. Find his favorite brand and choose the one that he has been craving to buy for long. If it is your husband and you know that his perfume has exhausted, you should include this in your list without a doubt.

    Birthday Flowers

    Men love flowers too. If you are clueless and have not much time before the birthday, get a bunch of his favorite flowers in a bouquet and gift him. Birthday flowers are special and they can make anyone feel extra-special. If you want to keep it subtle, you can gift one flower only. That is trending nowadays and also very romantic if it is your man’s birthday.


    This gift is the best for any relationship. Be it your father, your brother or your boyfriend/husband, a wallet can be really helpful. A man creates an impression with the wallet he carries. Help him make that impression. Look for a multipurpose wallet that can be used to keep cards and money. The color can vary between black and brown as they are the classic colors and they are evergreen.


    Do you want to gift something precious and that stays forever with your husband? A bracelet that has your photo or name engraved can be a delightful gift. Look for the best options only because not every type of jewelry will look the best; however, the appropriate one is a class apart. It can be silver or gold bracelet. It depends on how much you want to spend.

    These are the best options to be bought for any man’s birthday. If you still are confused and not satisfied, look for options online and settle for the one you like. There will be options according to your budget, choice, and personality. Birthdays are special and there is no way, you can miss it. When you gift a person something on their birthday, they feel loved and appreciated.